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Outsourcing Hints, Tips, and Everything in Between

Sep 2017

How you can use virtual assistants to grow your business

By Andrew Lewis

As technological capabilities evolve, companies with aspirations of success must evolve at a similar rate. If you are part of a midsized organization or have founded a low fund start-up, you are likely all too familiar with your resources being overwhelmed by admin tasks. It is because of this that more companies are looking to […]

Jan 2016

5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Outsource to the Philippines in 2016

By Kevin Mallen

Outsourcing has become a huge benefit to many companies in Australia and other parts of the world. Its benefits are undisputed and the results tend to speak for themselves. Still, not every business chooses to outsource for some of its positions, but those who don’t are really missing out. Of all the areas in the […]

Dec 2015

How Virtual Coworker is Tracking in 2015

By Kevin Mallen
Nov 2015

Outsourcing 101 for Australian Solar Companies

By Kevin Mallen

Solar companies in Australia and abroad are dealing with increasing overheads at a time when demand is rising steadily. There are solutions available to support SME’s to do more with less; one of which is outsourcing. Outsourcing has been something that has, at times, had negative connotations attached to it, but the high quality and […]

Oct 2015

Why Australian Companies are Outsourcing to the Philippines

By Kevin Mallen

Building offshore teams used to be routine for only companies at the big end of town. Not anymore. In today’s business landscape, small to medium sized businesses are in a great position to take advantage of the cost-savings and productivity that comes with building an offshore workforce. For companies in Australia, there is no place […]

Oct 2015

How to Properly Induct a Virtual Assistant

By Alicia Rennie

Alicia Rennie from Oxygen Executive Technology has opened the door for virtual workers across a range of industries. But before you go ahead and fill a remote position in your company make sure you have an induction strategy in place. When I think back to my first job in recruitment 17 years ago I never […]