How it Works.

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1. Submit your job description form

Our experienced Recruitment Team in the Philippines will source, screen, and interview candidates who are perfect for your role.

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2. Choose your candidates

We’ll send you resume profiles of the best candidates including their hourly rate. You decide who you’d like to interview.

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3. We’ll get them set up

After you choose your coworker, we’ll organize the paperwork and get them set up in our payroll and time tracker system.


4. We support you and your Virtual Coworker

We’ll send you daily reports of their logged hours, including a link to all screenshots, and provide ongoing support for you both.

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Virtual Coworker Time Tracker Software

Contractors are required to download and install our unique Time Tracker software. Every morning they are required to log in at the start of their shift and log out at the end of the day.

Virtual Coworker Software: Software Screenshot

Contractor’s activity screen shots

The software monitors your contractor’s activity in real time by taking a screen shot of their desktop every 10 minutes.

  • Full-resolution screenshot taken at a random point within the 10-minute interval.
  • Number of mouse clicks and key strokes during each of the 10 minutes
  • Optional webcam to take image taken along with the screenshot.
Virtual Coworker Software: Software Screenshot

Daily report email

Every 30 minutes during a contractor’s shift, a pop-up will appear and they need to enter what task they are currently working on. At the end of each day you will receive an email report with this information along with actual hours worked. To view the screen shots made by the system, you simply follow the link and it automatically takes you to the web interface version where you can review in full detail progress of the tasks.