Meet the Team.

Braden Headshot


CEO & Founder

Founder, Braden Yuill, has proven to be an exceptional entrepreneur, reinventing the manner in which people view the structure behind businesses. Standing behind the belief that there is no “one size fits all” business model, Braden has applied his personal experiences to assisting others in finding new, productive ways to run their organizations.

With costs of employment continuing to rise, Braden went in search of ascertaining a more cost-effective way of keeping his enterprises successfully running without compromising the quality of work. After outsourcing assistance to the Philippines for his own companies, Braden was compelled to evince his findings with fellow entrepreneurs. Hence, the establishment of Virtual Coworker.

Kara Headshot


Country Manager - USA

Country Manager for the US and Chief Spiritual Officer, Kara is a former professional dancer, a creative specialist, and business development consultant. A student of neuropsychology, she bridges the gap between HR, psychology, and spirituality, so that attention is paid to the development of individual team members and the organization as a whole, guiding the company vision toward its highest potential. This link is also established between Sales Management and each Client’s business needs, hiring requirements, and expectations+goals which ensures a seamless and exciting hiring experience with the Virtual Coworker Team.

In her spare time, Kara enjoys gardening, painting, graphic design, and all the snacks... please feed her often to win her undying love.



Country Manager - Australia

Our Australian Country Manager, Alex, brings a solid 5 years of recruitment experience to Virtual Coworker and has worked in a myriad of niches in the industry. He continually strives to dismantle the transactional nature of the recruitment industry through creating meaningful and mutually beneficial employment solutions for Clients and Candidates. Alex is passionate about helping disadvantaged jobseekers secure employment and incorporates a pro-active approach to talent acquisition. He has a proven track record of thriving in highly competitive and complex markets including digital technologies.

When he’s not crushing it at the poker table or reading 10 books at once, our Bill Hader look-alike dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

Raffie Headshot


Operations and IT Project Manager

Raffie brings over 19 years of experience in IT Project and MIS Department Management, serving as Virtual Coworker’s trusted Operations and IT Project Manager. He has served companies both locally and overseas successfully rendering his IT expertise.

Raffie approaches every dilemma with an optimistic perspective and a collected demeanor. He is always available to address any technical difficulties and has proven to play a key role at Virtual Coworker.

Raffie is also a *two time* champ of our Annual Virtual Costume Trivia Game. His team, Stuck Knowledge Squad, took home the win this year and proved their vast knowledge of general trivia. Looking forward to next year’s Trivia battle! Will he be able to hold onto the title and gain a 3rd win? Stay tuned...

Kaye Headshot


Client & Staff Relations Manager

Kaye is Virtual Coworker’s Snow White but don’t let her princess-like glow fool you. She joined the team in 2014 and started as a Sales & Marketing Assistant/Recruitment Associate. She focused on assisting our Australia Country Manager with leads and client management while also coordinating job interviews, drafting job postings, and managing job ads for our Recruitment Team.

Kaye was promoted to Client & Staff Relations Manager in mid-2019 due to her excellent communication, experience with clients & staff, and her close attention to detail. She ensures that any and all matters between Clients and Candidates are managed quickly and with ease. It is a vital position within Virtual Coworker and our Snow White handles everything with grace and professionalism.

Hanna Headshot


Client & Staff Relations Officer

Hanna is thankful to be working from home for it allows her to work with professionals yet still have enough time for her family. A surfer by heart, she used to surf regularly until she had her baby. Now, her newest hobby is taking care and spending quality time with her son. She looks forward to going to Siargao and teaching kids how to surf, to make good use of her strong legs and a great sense of balance.

Raine Headshot


Recruitment Manager

Armed with solid 6 years of managerial experience in training, business development, and human resource, Raine is a welcome addition to the growing Virtual Coworker family. This work-at-home-mom from Cebu is committed to fostering open communication and implement best practices in recruitment to her role.

Raine loves to travel and watch movies. During her spare time, when not flipping through resumes and applications, she can be found in the kitchen, cooking something fancy for her kids.

Nina Headshot


Assistant Recruitment Manager

Nina is a seasoned HR and Recruitment professional. She has worked for more than 10 years handling end to end recruitment for various companies and industries- consultancy, bank, and BPO. During her spare time, she enjoys calligraphy, watching movies, and spending time with her family. She is looking forward to pursuing teaching and taking baking classes.

Irish Headshot


Sr. Recruitment Specialist

Irish has had 6 years of BPO work experience before joining the home-based industry in February 2018 and hasn't looked back since. She worked as a virtual assistant but her passion is really in Recruitment as she finds the job fulfilling.

During her spare time, she loves watching romantic movies, Netflix marathons, Korean series, taking care of her daughter, and channeling her inner Beyonce.

Irish is also a *two time* winner of Best Costume from our 2020 and 2021 Virtual Costume Trivia Games. Even though her team, Wild Cats, didn’t win, she served us a great wild cat costume, complete with face paint and a special virtual background. Congratulations, Miss Irish and we’re looking forward to next year’s Trivia battle!



Recruitment Specialist

Macey has an extensive background in HR and Recruitment handling Talent Acquisition, Targeted Selection, and HR Benefits Administration. She has a total of 13 years of relevant professional experience around various industries in the Business Process Outsourcing handling Retail, Insurance, and HR Recruitment functions. Macey is a valuable addition to team Virtual Coworker not just for her skills but also for her awesome personality.

One fun fact about Macey is that she is a freelance character actor in Film, TV, and Theater since 2018. She also likes Interior design and looks forward to doing a home makeover. She loves spending time with her family and binge-watching on Netflix and checking out interesting vids on YouTube.



Recruitment Specialist

Katherine is passionate about recruitment and has been a recruiter for 6 years now. She has worked for various industries such as BPO and Semiconductor business and has extensive experience in end to end recruitment process. Recruitment for her is something she really enjoys and cannot imagine any career aside from being a recruiter.

A certified home buddy, she spends most of her free time at home with her family binge-watching Netflix and browsing YouTube videos and vlogs.



Recruitment Specialist

Zarina has been working with Virtual Coworker as a contractor and has waited for an opportunity to join the in-house team since then. Her extensive experience in the field of Customer Service and Recruitment makes her an awesome addition to the team. Zarina has worked for a BPO company for 5 years and has been working home-based since 2017. During her spare time, she likes to spend quality time with her kids and binge watch on Netflix. Zar is a sweet and family-oriented gal and just like her favorite character Mulan, she is independent and fiercely determined.



Recruitment Specialist

Janine looks at the recruitment industry as an opportunity to grow while being able to help others achieve their dream job. She values friendship and loyalty and loves socializing and learning from other people's experiences.

A small woman with a lot of energy, Janine enjoys physical activities such as boxing, badminton, and cycling.



Recruitment Specialist

Regina is already a tenured recruitment specialist, hiring for BPO companies before joining Virtual Coworker. She also worked as a team manager for a local SEO Company, training and managing new hires. Her professional experience in both training and recruitment allowed her to easily fit into our growing family. She is now being pegged as the Wonder woman of the team- strong-willed, persuasive, brave, but still very likable. During her spare time, Reg likes to play musical instruments such as the ukelele and guitar. She also loves fun karaoke sessions, traveling, and watching movies. Reg is not all about laid-back and relaxing hobbies, she once jumped over a 40 ft. cliff just for the experience.



Recruitment Specialist

Mereden has worked in the recruitment and customer service industry for 2 years before joining Virtual Coworker. She was a consistent top agent during her CSR days but the allure of Recruitment always draws her back in. When not working, she enjoys watching movies, TV series, plays video games, and listen to good music. Her go-to comfort-binge TV show is F.R.I.E.N.D.S and considers Monica Geller as her alter ego- strong personality, organized, and very competitive.

Michelle Headshot


Recruitment Associate

Michelle had been working online since 2011 and has extensive experience working as an Executive Assistant, Customer Service, Human Resources, Recruitment, and Client Relations. These experiences gave her the exposure to work in a diversified and highly dynamic environment. A mother of 3 all boy squad, she likes watching movies, shopping, and traveling. Michelle also helps out in marketing their catering business during her free time. A foodie, a mother, and an awesome Virtual Coworker.

Adz Headshot


Social Media Manager

An Accountant in Charge, College Instructor, and Social Media Strategist, Adz has added Social Media and Online Marketing Manager to his resume with his role at Virtual Coworker.

Not only is he a social media savant, but he is a blossoming photographer, a budding chef, and a literary master in the works.

Adz is also one of the reigning champs of our Annual Virtual Costume Trivia Game. And, he took the win for Best Costume! His team, Stuck Knowledge Squad, took home the win this year and proved their vast knowledge of general trivia. Looking forward to next year’s Trivia battle! Will he be able to hold onto the title and gain another win? Stay tuned...

Zendy Headshot



When it comes to financial matters, Zendy is our go-to-gal. She manages the financial operations of Virtual Coworker and works closely with the Operations Department to make sure that invoices and the payroll of the contractors are updated. Despite the demands of her role, she is still looking forward to learning how to swim and drive. Zendy is not hard to please as she basically likes to eat, sleep, and you can easily make her laugh with your corny jokes.

Warren Headshot


Web Development Manager

Warren serves as Virtual Coworker’s web development guru. He has strong knowledge and background in Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and much more. Warren serves an incredibly important position within the Virtual Coworker team.