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You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to hiring virtual staff. That’s why we’ve carefully handpicked top-level professionals from the Philippines, ensuring that only the most accomplished individuals join our elite team.

Imagine having access to a talented pool of virtual staff who provide unparalleled support for your business. Whether you need assistance on a part-time or full-time basis, our vetted professionals are here to cater to your every need. From social media managers, digital marketers, virtual assistants, customer service representatives, HR and recruiters, accountants, data entry specialists, sales, web developers, legal assistants, and more, our virtual staff brings professionalism and experience to every task they undertake.

But what sets Virtual Coworker apart is our dedication to long-term partnerships. We aren’t interested in short-term fixes but focus on finding the perfect match between businesses and virtual staff for sustained success. By fostering strong relationships built on trust, communication, and professionalism, we ensure that your business flourishes.

Meet Braden Yuill,
Our Founder

Braden Yuill, CEO & Founder of Virtual Coworker

Our journey began with the vision of our founder, Braden Yuill, who has always been an exceptional entrepreneur with a passion for reinventing traditional business structures.

Braden’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited by his personal experiences, driving him to explore new and more efficient ways of running organizations. He understands that success in the business world requires adaptability and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

Throughout his career, Braden’s commitment to streamlining his enterprises while maintaining quality has been unwavering. He is on a constant quest to create value in every aspect of his business operations. It was this relentless pursuit that eventually led him to the forefront of the outsourcing movement.

In the bustling landscape of business solutions, Braden discovered a hidden gem in Filipino talents. With their dedication, skills, and work ethic, Filipino professionals became the backbone of his operations. They not only provided excellent services but also allowed Braden to save precious hours every day, which he redirected toward the growth of his organization.

However, it wasn’t just about business for Braden; it was about building genuine connections and showing appreciation for the Filipino workforce. He firmly believed in their potential and saw them as valuable partners in his journey.

Braden’s remarkable experiences and the transformation he has achieved in his own businesses has compelled him to share his findings with fellow entrepreneurs. He realized that the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines could not remain a secret. Thus, Virtual Coworker was born—a platform that connects businesses worldwide with the exceptional talents of the Philippines.

The Virtual Coworker Team,
Your Partners in the Hiring Journey


CEO & Founder


Chief Operating Officer


North America Account Manager


APAC Account Manager


Chief Marketing Officer


Operations Manager


Client and Staff Relations Manager




Recruitment Manager


Recruitment Assistant Manager


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Associate



Recruitment Associate



Ads Specialist


Web Development Manager


Client and Staff Relations Officer


Client and Staff Relations Officer


Client Success Specialist


Social Media Manager

Our Culture

The Virtual Coworker Team believes in having a passion for our work and in our lives. We understand that we’re providing more than just virtual staff to businesses. We are creating opportunities for businesses to grow into thriving organizations in the most productive way, by taking care of the heavy lifting of recruitment.

Our company culture represents our inner fire for helping one another and our Clients. We empower our team to exceed challenges and celebrate what makes us unique. What makes us stand out is our collaboration style within our teams, which creates a total and complete win for everyone. We support each other with inspiration, motivation, and hope for the future.

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