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What Our Clients Say About Partnering With Virtual Coworker

“We’re very happy with the results our web developer has given us. He’s been able to work autonomously and hiring him proved valuable to the team.”

David Sullivan
Managing Director, The Learning Deli

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“MyNappies is still a cash-strapped startup. Working with Virtual Coworker has meant we have been able to afford to use specialised technical skills we otherwise would not be able to. It is simply too expensive to hire someone with the right skill set here in Australia. Our experience with freelance sites is they are exactly that: great for finding freelancers but not employees. We needed someone who wanted to become a part of our business. The recruitment process with Virtual Coworker felt familiar and allowed us to bring on someone we were excited about. This was almost one year ago now and we still enjoy working with the same coworker today.”

Jason Schulz
Founder, My Nappies

“RecruitLoop is a business with its cofounding and operational teams spread across different continents and time zones. When we realized it was time to introduce an offshore customer support team, we provided Virtual Coworker with a brief for what we were after. We had very high expectations in terms of the caliber of virtual team members we’d bring into the business and were so pleased with the quality of our first hire that we quickly sought out a second. Virtual Coworker provided us with high-quality profiles, worked with us around our own screening/recruitment processes, and provided great talent. The support and account management team behind Virtual Coworker is also great. High Fives all around.”

Paul Slezak
Cofounder, RecruitLoop

“It has been great to work with VC. As a small company, we really couldn’t afford a call center, but by outsourcing this to the Philippines, we have been able to provide much better customer service for our customers. It is a daunting prospect to set up a call center in a foreign company, but VC made this easy by pre-scanning all candidates and giving us a shortlist to interview. All spoke great English and had loads of experience in call centers. They also send us through daily reports and screenshots of the work done and handle the whole HR side of it, making it as simple as possible for us. We treat the staff like part of our team and hardly notice they are not here as the contact is so frequent!”

E-commerce website owner

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“We’re a pure play online financial services marketing company and when I needed a VA to help with growing admin tasks I reached out to Virtual Coworker. They found me an awesome VA with loads of work experience in finance. Honestly, it’s something I should have done a long time ago.”

David Boyd
Director, Credit Card Compare

“I’ve been impressed by the service that Virtual Coworker has provided our company. The staff at Virtual Coworker are efficient and knowledgeable. They were there to answer my questions and assist me throughout the whole process. Interviews through Skype went smoothly. The candidates I have been offered all matched the requirements I needed. I was pleased, and at peace of mind as I knew, I was able to track what they do through the Daily Report and screenshots Virtual Coworker provided me.

I now have three workers employed through Virtual Coworker – all of quality and caliber. I highly recommend Virtual Coworker to anyone who is looking to outsource talents.”

Syakirah Sinin
Marketing Executive, Yaktails Media

“Virtual Coworker has given us a gift. Our VC is amazing; even better is she is part of our team. The recruitment process was painless and we were able to conduct several very short interviews based on great profiles provided to us. Most of the work was done. Our VC has been with us now for six months, and we have been able to take her from part-time to full-time almost immediately. She is able to take on a variety of tasks and interact with several team members throughout the day like she was right here with us. It is a pleasure having her with us.”

Mindy Prestage
Office Manager, LINK

“When we originally contacted Virtual Coworker, we were looking for some assistance with the ever-growing administration requirements of our website content, including news and media releases. The Recruitment Manager, Paula Iglesias, thoroughly assessed our business needs, and the interview process was very well managed. After interviewing several candidates via email and phone, we felt confident that our new coworker would fit in well with our dynamic business.

Now, some two years down the track, we are absolutely delighted with our valued colleague, as she has been an important contributor to several of our businesses in many different capacities. She is proactive and enthusiastic to a degree that continually exceeds our expectations. In fact, our “Virtual Coworker” has become a good friend and is very much a part of our team.

Our administrative, operational, and fiscal dealings with Virtual Coworker have been faultless. We have found the team, including, of course, Raffie and Mae, to be professional, communicative, and considerate.

As our businesses grow, we look forward to a long and productive relationship, and it would be our pleasure to recommend your services to your prospective clients.”

Rebecca Jones
Director, Yacht and Boat

“Virtual coworker has been terrific. They take the time to understand what you require from support staff and give you quality people to interview. You can tell that a bit of effort goes into the screening process on their end to ensure they source the best staff for your needs. It definitely cut the time it would have taken to source workers myself. Our web developer is highly skilled and is very responsive. I would definitely recommend Virtual Coworker.”

Thuy Pham
Co-owner, Spectrum

“We have been using Virtual Coworker’s services for almost six months now. At first, we were a bit skeptical about how well it would actually work with someone joining our team remotely, as we had not done anything like this before. Yet they made the entire process a breeze. We have found their internal management team to be very helpful in guiding us through this new process. In addition, their screening process was quite impressive for presenting us with potential candidates for consideration.

We would highly recommend using Virtual CoWorker’s services if you are at all considering a remote talent workforce – it’s definitely a great solution!”

Ralph B

“My experience with Virtual Coworker has been Very positive. They are easy to deal with and very helpful in terms of finding staff for my needs. I used an assistant for website development in WordPress, and she was excellent. A really nice lady that was kind and very helpful. She was always available and professional in her approach, and nothing was too much to ask of her.

I would recommend Virtual Coworker. Easy to deal with; professional; quick to respond; friendly; efficient; helpful; provide assistance; nice to talk to.”

David Krynauw
CEO, ProActive Media

“There are massive opportunities to be had in hiring offshore talent in my opinion. The hard part is having to go through the arduous recruitment process to find the talent you need. That’s why I found Virtual Coworker really useful. The team were great and made it super easy to screen and hire the manpower I needed.”

Edwin Onggo
Founder, GiggedIn

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“To be able to zero in on a suitable person with the skills that we required from Day One has been amazing. The alternative would have been spending large sums on trying out and training different applicants. My staff has excellent English, is well versed in Microsoft applications, pleasant, capable of finding solutions, independent and trustworthy. She is capable of meeting challenges and is willing and able to learn new systems and methods of operation. The screening process of Virtual Coworker has enabled us to get straight into work without complications. We highly recommend their services.”

Director, HR Industry

“My Experience with Virtual Coworker has been great. I highly recommend them for sourcing Filipino team members! Our team member has been fantastic – she fits into our team perfectly. I’ve already recommended Virtual Coworker to quite a few business associates who are struggling with too much daily admin work, leaving them not enough time to grow their business.”

Nigel Moore
Director, Moore Technology

“I’ve had a great experience with Virtual Coworker; the staff and communications are excellent. They offered several applicants suited to the task, which I was able to interview and get on board with minimal fuss. I’ve used freelance services in the past, but the difference with Virtual Coworker is that they manage the hiring process and any issues that might come up along the way, resulting in a staff member becoming part of the team. I’d highly recommend Virtual Coworker to anyone who’s looking for great, hard-working talent at affordable rates that will help boost their business to the next level.”

Rob Lambert
CEO, Web Company

“Right from the start, I found utilizing the services of Virtual Coworker to be seamless. The Management Team communicated consistently and effectively with me, and getting my Campaign up and running was an easy task. My Virtual Assistant, Francis, was personable, easy to instruct, and performed the tasks with ease. Outsourcing the admin tasks that usually bogged me down during the work week lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Francis had a strong level of professionalism, as well as great skills for the tasks that I set.”

Ashleigh Hoult
Director, The PromoDonna

“I have worked with a number of virtual staff services. However Kevin and the team at Virtual Coworker have provided me with the best value to date. They are responsive, helpful and went beyond the call to ensure our needs were met. I strongly recommend Virtual Coworker to anyone looking for virtual staff.”

Logan Merrick
Strategic Director, Buzinga Apps

“I continue to be impressed by her. She has a level of skills and motivation that I would expect from a good permanent (onsite) resource. She works with limited guidance and is quickly becoming invaluable to my business.”

Christian Luckow
CEO, Omniveta Australia

“My personal outsourcing process was long and drawn out, but ever since Virtual Coworker connected me with an amazing WordPress developer, I’m wondering why I didn’t do it sooner! It’s allowed me to focus on what I really love, which is spending time with and creating value for my clients”

David Fuller
Creative Director, Essendon Cretive