How to Build Strong and Successful Relationships with Your Employees

How to Build Strong and Successful Relationships with Your Employees

Whether you employ full-time, part-time, or virtual assistants, it is always important to establish good relationships with them. Studies have shown that building good relationships with the members of your team can improve overall business productivity and efficiency and help you generate greater revenues. Here’s how you can build a strong and successful relationship with your employees.

Don’t hire purely based off qualifications

A person’s skills and qualifications are not the only things that are important when choosing someone to fill a job vacancy. It is also essential to identify the personal attributes and qualities of a prospective employee. As the popular saying goes, “hire for attitude, train for skills.” So make sure to conduct some prior research before finalising the hiring process to find the person with the right mindset who fits your company culture.

Properly welcome new staff

Setting up a good orientation program can help new employees quickly adjust to their new work environment. It also helps build their confidence and promotes teamwork. More importantly, it enables you to develop a better understanding of individual personalities, competencies, and experiences and gives them a better understanding of your company’s values and culture.

Manage consistently

Business owners, managers, and supervisors must be consistent with their decisions and the way they treat everyone in the workplace. If you have a decision to make, be decisive about it. Otherwise, it can affect employee morale and make your staff lose their respect for your judgment.

Celebrate the little victories

Take the time to reward your workers for a job well done. Something as small as buying your staff lunch goes a long way. Even non compensatory rewards such as public recognition work wonders. Not only will this boost your staff’s morale, this will also give them the motivation to work harder and exert more effort into fulfilling their responsibilities.

Walk the walk

If you want your employees’ full loyalty and cooperation, you need to set great examples. If you set some ground rules for good behaviour, make sure you follow them, too. Always lead by example and you’ll have not only your staff’s loyalty, but their utmost respect and admiration, as well.

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