How to use a Virtual Sales Assistant

How to use a Virtual Sales Assistant

When you’re a salesperson, you want to be out there doing what you do best: sales! If you’re like me, closing a deal is the excitement and reward you live for. Of course, there are many steps leading up to that close. Some are enjoyable, like creating relationships, having meaningful conversations, and attending events. Other tasks, like the trivial and administrative ones, aren’t so fun. This is where hiring a Virtual Assistant becomes so valuable. It’s given me more time to focus on what really matters: growing my business.

How does it work?

My Virtual Assistant Kaye is based in the Philippines. Kaye works from home, eliminating the cost and time of impractical travel. This not only betters her lifestyle, but also keeps the final hourly rate down as putting someone in an office can get expensive. She works Sydney hours, speaks fluent English, and is very competent in the area of sales and marketing.

Virtual Coworker’s unique time-tracking system and programs like Skype ensure that I can manage and communicate with Kaye at all times. Below are just a few of the things I outsource to my Virtual Assistant everyday:

Email management

Sorting through my emails in the morning was something I hated, but now my Virtual Assistant spends just half an hour every day sorting out my junk mail from my important mail. That gives me two and a half extra hours a week to convert a lead into a sale, which is a much better use of my time and experience. To make this work, spend some time during the first week training your Virtual Assistant on how you like your inbox sorted. Consider creating different folders such as “Team”, “Family”, and/or “Urgent” to more effectively manage your emails.

Calendar and diary updating

I can’t live without my online calendar. That’s why it is so important to keep it constantly up to date. My Virtual Assistant transfers events, meetings and appointments from emails and texts onto my calendar, which creates one less thing I have to think about.

Take for example that I want to schedule a client lunch. I’ll provide Kaye the details and she will log into my diary, create the event, and send out invitations. I don’t have to divert my attention from whatever else I’m doing and it saves me a few minutes in the process.

Updating CRM

My effective sales process depends on an updated and organised CRM. The more business I get, the more time I spend adding, editing, and changing the details in my CRM. My awesome Filipino Virtual Assistant has extensive experience with CRM systems, and takes this tedious task off my to do list.

My Virtual Assistant keeps my CRM updated, notifies me what stage my leads are in, and reminds me when communication is due. Because she’s copied on important sales emails and all incoming leads from our website, she can autonomously update the leads milestone and create reminders and events when needed.

Research and market mapping

Doing research is important to find my next networking event, company to contact and more, but there is no reason I need to be the one doing it. When I outsource research to my Virtual Assistant, I can spend my time interacting with my customers. My experienced, personal Virtual Assistant conducts research, analyses it for me, and delivers it back to me in an organised spreadsheet.

Using a Virtual Assistant for LinkedIn purposes is highly effective and can seriously increase your sales. I mainly use Kaye for two purposes: research and messaging prospects.

The search function in LinkedIn is an incredibly handy tool for salespeople. Kaye’s able to find contacts quickly by utilising their search filters such as company size and seniority. This is greatly beneficial when finding people in your current target market. Kaye also connects with and messages people. I typically provide her with a message template and search criteria to follow with the ultimate goal of her setting up a meeting with myself.

A dedicated Virtual Assistant is an affordable solution that vastly improves the flow and efficiency of your workweek. My Virtual Assistant is entirely focused on my needs, leaving me free to do what I do best: generate leads and make sales. Contact us today to find out how to add a sales or marketing assistant to your team.

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