Maximize Your Time

Maximize Your Time: 4 Tips to Do More with Your Workday

We all have the same number of hours in a day. But one person’s day can look vastly different from another’s depending on how they manage their time. We don’t always have a choice in how we spend our time. But there are other times when a few simple tweaks to the workday can free up valuable time and make you more productive.

Here are four highly effective ways you can step up your time management:

1. “Eat the Worm”

Eating a worm doesn’t sound too appealing, which is why most of us will procrastinate as much as possible just to avoid it. That “worm” is your most loathed task. You do anything and everything to not do that thing.

This is why you should always do that thing first. Get it out of your way and off your mind so you can enjoy smooth sailing for the rest of your day.

2. Stop Multitasking

Working on multiple tasks at once to maximize your time is one of the biggest fallacies of the business world. At best, it’s an illusion. Worst case scenario, you’re not giving enough attention to any of the tasks and their quality will likely suffer.

Plus, jumping from one thing to another means our brains are constantly having to switch gears. It takes time to get acclimated, and the more you switch between tasks, the more time you’re wasting during each transition.

3. Find Ways to Leverage Dead Time

The time spent in the car, on the train, standing in line, or waiting on your food at a restaurant can all be put to good use. For some, this means taking a break to clear your mind so you can move forward with clarity. For others, this means responding to an email or text message, listening to a podcast, or watching a quick webinar to expand their skills. Find what works best for you and your productivity style.

4. Hire a Virtual Staff Member through Virtual Coworker

When your own time is maxed out, hiring a virtual staff member can help you make use of someone else’s time.

The services that we provide make it easy to vet and hire skilled professionals without having to use too much of your own time. The quality and the work experience of our candidates spans all levels from beginner to expert. We handle the recruiting on your behalf and provide you with all the communication and support you need to make a confident hire. What’s more, we also offer 24-hour cancellation and no long-term contracts so you can remain fluid in how you recruit help for your business.

You might be limited in the number of hours in your day, but that doesn’t mean your time has to be limited, too. Use the above tips to maximize your productivity and do more every day!

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