Work Savvy as a Super-YOU by Outsourcing these 8 Tasks

Work Savvy as a Super-YOU by Outsourcing these 8 Tasks

Bogged down by repetitive tasks? Time poor? A great way to increase productivity is to outsource and focus on the things that matter.

Outsourcing can help change the way you work today and bring a breath of fresh air to your business.

Have you noticed how many hours a day you spend doing repetitive management tasks that don’t directly connect with your position or help you achieve your goals?

How many times have you failed to achieve your KPI, because you’ve had to spend hours on tedious data entry? Damn it! I can’t tell you how many times it’s happened to us!!

Today, thanks to technology and the amazing work of great teams, there is a solution: Outsourcing. It will ease your agenda, free you up to work on more important things, and help you to finally achieve your goals!

Which tasks can you outsource?

Here are some of the tasks you can successfully outsource:

Growing a business requires making multiple purchases, sales and payment. It takes a lot of time to record all these financial transactions and… you may not have the patience or the skills of an experienced accountant. With Virtual Coworker, you can find skilled people who will enjoy it and do it even better than you.

General Admin
You may not like to do these management tasks, but others do. Cleaning files, putting documents in the right order, making sure accounts are well balanced is a pleasure for the right person. Take these tasks off your plate and give it to people that enjoy it.

Data Entry
You are great at analysing data, but filling excel charts doesn’t exactly excite you. Why keep doing this task when you don’t really enjoy it? With outsourcing, you can find people who like to put everything in the right order and produce perfectly organised excel charts.

Social Media Management
With Virtual Coworker you can hire social media savvy staff, who can do things like scheduling social media posts and producing newsletters and press releases on all the various social media platforms. Outsourcing helps your business to have a better online presence.

Electronic Direct Mail
Your clients love to hear from you and you love to tell them about your latest exciting project. But facing the reality, editing a strong newsletter takes time…a lot of time…and most of us are time poor.

Invoice/payroll Management
It happens every month (or fortnight), requires your full attention and if it is not perfectly executed it may create serious problems for your business and for your suppliers and staff. So much stress! Why not outsource it to somebody who can offer their full attention to this important task?

Web Development
You might be a good manager, a good seller, a good accountant, a good leader, a good publicist. But you might not be a Web Developer. This requires strong technical skills, which take years to master. Virtual Coworker can introduce you to a host of professional web developers

To remain competitive you need to keep an eye on what is going on in your industry, but haven’t got the time to do it. With outsourcing, you can add another person to your team who is ready to conduct the necessary research.

At Virtual Coworker we are dedicated to helping you find reliable and long-term staff, which can be the answer to scaling up your business.


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