Working Virtually Is No Longer an Option, It's the New Norm

Working Virtually Is No Longer an Option, It’s the New Norm

The way we interact with coworkers, family, and friends has forever changed. Interesting times with the current situation around the world. Many companies are having to adapt and make the decision to move their staff from office space to working remotely. Some companies already have structures in place for this but most do not. Working virtually is no longer an option, it is currently a requirement for every organization. Luckily, we live in a time when technology helps businesses thrive virtually.

Fortunately, virtual coworkers are nothing new and their services are required more than ever. Understanding how to leverage virtual staff during this time is essential to business growth.

Streamlining communication is critical for virtual teams to thrive. A number of free software applications are available that allow all types of virtual meetings. Zoom allows participants to video chat, share screens, and conduct presentations. It also helps schools break up classrooms with Break Out rooms. Google Drive is one of the top shared document platforms. A business can essentially run off google documents and sheets and allows for a centralized space in real-time for you and your virtual employees to collaborate. Skype is a favorite when it comes to remote working, which allows for video, audio and screen sharing.

If your entire recruiting process is going digital, there’s a good chance video interviewing will replace a large portion of your in-person interviews. All interviews are typically conducted via Video Chat on Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. There is a large pool of high-quality candidates looking for remote work these days. Finding the perfect fit can pose some challenges. When conducting a video interview it’s often a good idea to conduct a test activity with your candidate. Identifying required skills, attitude and relevant experience is important when it comes to bringing a new staff on board. Look for certain characteristics, some of which may be extroversion, bubbly personality, a sense of humor and having a trusting nature, this all flows through in the interview process. Communication is hugely important, you can have a great staff however if they don’t communicate well the engagement won’t be successful. Do they reply quickly? Are they able to finish their tasks in a timely manner? Develop a healthy working relationship with your staff by setting clear boundaries and KPIs and engaging them in the mission and vision of your company.

Finding high-quality staff in the Philippines will allow your company to delegate out time-consuming tasks, cut down on overhead, give you the opportunity to grow your business rather than working on it, and even work on your next great idea with you to help you reach your goals faster.

Is it time to hire a virtual assistant to help you scale and grow your business? Our expert Recruitment Specialists are ready to connect you with your ideal virtual coworker.

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