4 Tips to Grow Your Business, a Little

4 Tips to Grow Your Business, a Little Every Day

Time is the most precious asset for any business owner. Sure, we all have 24 hours in a day, but those hours look and function differently when you’re running the show and don’t have a full team of helpers behind you. The secret sauce to business growth isn’t having more time. It’s making the most of the time you have.

If growing your business is on your radar, use these tips to make a little more progress every day.

1. Delegate Non-Business Growth Tasks

As a business leader, you know the vision for your company better than anyone. That’s why your time and energy should focus on everything that contributes to growth. Anything that doesn’t should be delegated.

Think about it: when you’re spending time on activities that don’t generate revenue or make industry connections that will eventually generate revenue, your business isn’t growing. When you hand off non-business growth tasks, you can generate revenue to pay for outsourcing and then some.

2. Hire a Social Media Strategist

There are tons of moving parts to social media, from creating content to optimizing ads to growing an audience and more. Multiply these things by the number of platforms you’re on and you suddenly have a new full-time job.

Social media supports a business growth strategy, but only if you have the time and creativity to dedicate to it. As an entrepreneur, it’s usually better to focus on your best skills and leave social media to a specialist.

3. Hand Over Your Bookkeeping Duties

Bookkeeping is one of the easiest arms of a business to outsource. Purpose-built software tools make it easy to create systems and processes that any seasoned bookkeeper can follow. If you’re brand new to bookkeeping, they can even help you set up systems that work for you. Conduct regular check-ins with your bookkeeper to keep a finger on your business’s financial health.

4. Lean on a Virtual Assistant

By now, you’ve likely guessed that the common thread in maximizing your time is to outsource tasks to others. Sometimes, these tasks require a certain specialty, like social media or bookkeeping. But you can also delegate general business tasks to a virtual assistant.

Entrepreneurs have no end to their to-do list, from market research to reports to logo design and lead generation (and lots more!). A virtual assistant is like a jack of all trades, offering support services to help you grow faster. They bring a diverse skill set to the table so you can keep moving forward, two steps at a time.

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