Virtual Staff in the Philippines

Top 10 Gift Guide for Virtual Staff in the Philippines

As you’re treating your in-house staff to holiday parties, gifts, and bonuses, remember to celebrate the people who keep your business running remotely. Your virtual staff should be included in your end-of-year celebrations, even if they can’t be there in person. Here’s your top 10 gift guide for virtual staff in the Philippines, chock full of fun ways to show your appreciation.

1. Gift Cards

A gift card lets them treat themselves to something they really want. Gift cards are lightweight and therefore cost-effective to mail, and in many cases, you can send an eGift card for instant delivery. Even better, you can select a spending amount to keep your gifting budget in check. Giftaway PH has excellent SM Gift Pass eCards with 4 choices of denominations.

2. Food Vouchers

Everyone likes to leave the cooking to someone else every now and then. Sending food vouchers is like being part of your holiday party, except they can choose their favorite foods and enjoy them at their convenience.

3. Upgrade Their Home Workspace

Help your virtual staff create a fun home office environment they’ll love spending time in. Plants, books, a ring light, or essential oils can help them transform their space and make it more functional.

4. Exercise Equipment

If your company culture promotes health and wellness, share the message with your remote teams by sending them exercise equipment. We suggest compact items like under-desk pedals, small weights, a jump rope, a yoga mat, or something similar.

5. Monthly Tea or Coffee Subscription

While your in-house team is gathered around the Keurig or the water cooler, your virtual staff can enjoy their own monthly tea or coffee subscription. The extra caffeine boost might be just the ticket to help them get going.

6. Subscription to an Entertainment App

Entertainment apps can help encourage workers to take breaks and avoid fatigue. You can go for popular entertainment services, like Netflix or Amazon Music. Or, get creative and offer a subscription to a meditation app. We love Calm because of its daily meditation challenges and personalized recommendations based on what you need in the moment.

7. Health Insurance or Telehealth Subscription

If you offer health insurance or benefits to your on-site employees, consider ways to extend those benefits to your offsite team members. Telehealth options like KonsultaMD allow patients to consult with doctors remotely on demand. As an added bonus, better health access can lead to more productivity and fewer missed workdays.

8. Reimbursement for a Fancy Dinner Out with Family or Friends

The holidays are a time for getting together with family and friends. Let your remote workers celebrate in style by buying dinner for them and their entire party. A nice sit-down dinner might run as much as ₱600 per person, so a budget of ₱1,500 – ₱2,500 (about $30 to $50 USD) is reasonable for 2-5 people.

9. Upgrade Their Technology

Your virtual workers depend on good technology to continue working for your company. This holiday season, consider lending a hand by upgrading the equipment they use every day. This might be a new headset, a laptop, or a webcam. Or, you can even provide a stipend to upgrade their internet connection for faster speeds and continuity. Learn more about their work environment and what might make their job easier — it will mean so much more than simply trying to guess about their needs.

10. Fly Them to a Fun Destination

With many travel restrictions easing around the world, now is a good time to help your remote employees take the trips they’ve been dreaming about. Fly them to your city to meet your company in person. Or, send them on an awesome Staycation to celebrate the holidays.

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