OUTSOURCING: The Growth Factor

OUTSOURCING: The Growth Factor

Remote work is growing exponentially around the world. With a population of 107 million in the Philippines and a vast portion residing in Manilla, it’s no wonder commute times are terrible. Traveling can take up to two hours one way just to get into office buildings in the town center. This can be quite detrimental to workers’ health, both physically and psychologically. There’s also exposure to pollution, stress, and risk of an accident. An ideal solution for workers is to work remotely from the comfort of their own homes. With technology these days it’s never been easier to connect and work with a virtual employee. Numerous platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Slack, WhatsApp, and Viber are freely available to aid in fast communication. Connectivity has come a long way in the Philippines with stable internet connections becoming mainstream. Internet outages are much less likely which is helping pave the way for increased remote work. All that’s needed to outsource a skillset is a professional workspace, working laptop/desktop, and adequate internet connection. A typical candidate might be a stay at home mum who’s established in her career. Having family or a nanny to look after the kids allows her to do great work, with less time spent taking the kids to daycare or commuting around the city – it leads to a better work-life balance. Employees are more productive when they are balanced in their lives and perform at higher levels which leads to less stress. Win/win.

In order to have a successful engagement with a staff member, management will need to have the necessary workflow to keep a worker engaged. To successfully induct a new staff member it’s important to overcommunicate at the beginning and set crystal clear expectations. Staff members (virtual or not) require direction which means delegating is required. Having processes in place ahead of schedule are all key elements to set your team up for success. It’s important to understand cultural differences as well. People always appreciate feeling like part of the team. Regular catch ups are vital, particularly in the beginning so that you gain confidence in your staff and them in you. It is important that a staff member has time to find their feet and get familiar with your organization’s processes, once they do they can hit the ground running, building and evolving the role as they grow.

Growing a remote team is easier than most people think. Setting up regular team meetings for your staff even traveling to the Philippines and meeting your staff in person all lead to rapport building and can help you grow your company. Co-sharing workspaces are much more common now in the Philippines which can allow for remote workers to meet up and conduct important training sessions. Holding a team day once a year is an excellent way to build company morale and culture.

At the end of the day how you want to work with your staff is up to you, it all starts with finding the right fit. There are plenty of agencies out there, first, it starts with identifying what your work needs are, if it’s cost effective, and if you have time to train someone or multiple staff. The Philippines has a huge talent pool, excellent work ethic, and a strong command of the English language – it’s no surprise everyone is looking to the Philippines to hire remote workers.

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