Where to Start When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If you’ve only ever functioned as a solopreneur, bringing on a Virtual Assistant can feel scary. How will you find the right fit and feel confident that they will add value to your organization?

First, trust yourself. You’ve brought your business this far by making sound decisions, and hiring a Virtual Assistant will be yet another good decision that will keep your business growing and moving forward.

To find the best match for your hiring needs, use our top tips for hiring the right Virtual Assistant:

Step 1: Create an Awesome Job Description

The job description will be the first thing your candidates see and will be a deciding factor as to whether they apply. That’s why your job description needs to be crystal clear about the role and your expectations while also standing out from other VA positions.

This takes a lot of clarity on your part. You’ll need to know what tasks you plan to outsource to a VA and any must-have skills the VA will need to complete those tasks successfully. List tasks and skills separately in the job description, being sure to indicate which skills are must-haves and which ones are helpful but not required.

Step 2: Review Candidate Profiles with Your Recruitment Specialist

When working with Virtual Coworker, your recruitment specialist will help you source the best candidate profiles that match your job description. Together, you can decide which ones to reach out to for an initial interview. Interviewing a remote VA is a little different than interviewing a local hire. If you need help brushing up on your interviewing skills, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Interviewing a Virtual Assistant.

Your recruitment specialist will assist in scheduling and conducting video interviews and administering mini-test activities. Use their knowledge of the hiring process to come up with helpful tests that will give you a peek at each candidate’s skills. The goal of these interviews and tests is to see how a candidate will perform real tasks and if they can follow your directions.

Step 3: Work with Your Recruitment Team to Onboard Your VA and Set Yourself Up for Success

Once you find the perfect match, you’ll want to pay special attention to the onboarding process. Onboarding is the time when your new Virtual Assistant will learn more about your company and brand, their assigned duties, your software and systems, and other important details that will set the stage for success.

It’s beneficial to have a list of necessary tools and software, as well as usernames and passwords ready for your VA on Day 1. This way, they can start getting acquainted with their new role without delay.

The keys to successfully onboarding a new Virtual Assistant are clear communication and patience. Allow yourself and your VA time to adjust to working together, communication styles, and company culture. Not all VA jobs are created equally, so even an experienced VA will need some time to adjust to working for you.

As always, the Virtual Coworker client and staff team will be standing by to help with any questions after you start the first day. Learn more about our process and support when you schedule a free consultation.

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